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The video competition is a contest reserved for the world’s entire nursing students who have the creativity and talent to showcase their viewpoints and critical thought about the nurse’s role to encourage the wellbeing of human. The participant can be an individual or a team, which is the members no more than 5 person. There will be awards for the best 3 entrants of video competition. The theme of INSympofest Video Competition is “Healthy Nurse: Encourage the wellbeing of human” with duration of around 3 to 5 minute. In this competition, accepted video is only video in English or with English subtitle. The video must contain original material. Submissions can contain copyright materials no longer than 1 minute from the entire length video by attaching the necessary rights and permissions. Entrants who do not attach this written document(s) will be disqualified. The winner in this competition will get prizes based on the achievement, First winner Rp2.000.000, Second winner Rp1.500.000, and Third winner Rp1.000.000.